Growth Offering – Thank you for your Contribution

While the Growth Offering is now over, it is still not too late to give. How to give to the Growth Offering Read More >>>

2017 is an exciting moment to be part of Hobart Baptist Church.

For over 130 years, people have found it a welcome haven of faith and friendship. Today over 350 people find belonging, security and freedom within the many congregations, groups and communities of faith that make up the church.

Recently, the young adults’ community of faith, meeting at Nathan and Kaya Lattimore’s home, has grown to 15-20. Mabuhay (led by Ps Joel Ortiz) is also growing, as is our 10am service.

When we add our Karen Community (Ps Paw Nay and Ps Moo Lay), and Church With No Walls (Ps Frank Cole) you begin to get a glimpse of our diversity. Then there is the Humanitarian Settlement Service (HSS) who work with refuges, Meet & Make (Max and Junette Levett), Boys’ Brigade (Scott Ambrose), and Kids’ Church (Tracy Ortiz). In addition, in coming months Joel Ortiz will commence Life, a ministry for international university students.

Hobart Baptist Church has already sown significantly into these ministries including the appointment of Nathan Lattimore (Youth and Young Adults Pastor) and Joel Ortiz (Multicultural Pastor). Now we are beginning to see the fruit of what has been sown.

Our Growth Offering was an opportunity for us to continue to sow and “Invest in Our Future”.

Remember, “Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.” 2 Cor 9:6

Only twice in our history has the church reached numbers over 400 people, in the 1910s and the 1950s. But once again we are close. We are a church of increasing ethnic diversity, which is an indication of what God is doing amongst us. We are, as our vision says, “an international church, celebrating unity and diversity in Jesus, for the glory of God”.

Find out more about how to give to the Growth Offering HERE