Hobart Baptist Church Redevelopment

As of early September 2018, Hobart Baptist Church is undergoing a substantial building project.

The main objective of the project is to upgrade our facilities to make them safe for children, accessible for all, give toilet access without going outside, and provide a modern kitchen with a mission-focused café. To fund this million-dollar upgrade we are building 16 units over the carpark. We are hoping to retain ownership of one of the units.

The project will be completed in three stages. Firstly, new toilets, then the 4-storey unit complex, followed by upgrades to the Soundy Lounge, the back hall and the upstairs hall.

SOME DISRUPTIONS. At each stage during the 18-months it will take to complete the redevelopment, we will experience different disruptions. The main disruption during Stage One is that the kitchen, back and upstairs halls are inaccessible.

WARNING: During the redevelopment do not enter the construction zones. They are dangerous, and you need to stay away. So please stay away from the back hall, the upstairs hall and the carpark!

CARPARKING: Our entire car park is now unavailable for use

  • Street parking remains unchanged. On Sundays, please reserve spaces close to the church for the elderly and less mobile, as the builder’s shed occupies the disabled parking spaces.
  • Warwick Street, between Elizabeth and Murray Streets, is a good option
  • EIS Property, 229 Elizabeth Street. Thanks to Hank Petrusma 20 spaces are available for our use on Sunday mornings. (Only 200m or a 1-min walk away)

If you have any questions, please talk to Church Secretary Heather Galloway, 0427 974 073.

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