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21 May 2020

Light Shaft between units
Light Shaft between Units

Site meetings have again started to be held in person. This is much better than a phone hook-up because we are able to see first-hand the progress being made. There has not been any extension of time submissions as yet but they are expected due to the COVID-19 situation and social distancing rules being observed on site.

Level 1 units are 95% complete in all respects and Level 2 units are about 80% complete.

Carpet is almost complete in all units on Levels 1 and 2, and very close to commencement on Level 3.

Plaster is complete on Level 3 and continuing on Level 4 with completion now scheduled by the end of the third week in May. The Surveyor is set to commence his role in getting Strata Titling underway next week.

Joinery fitout is almost complete on Level 3 and will commence on Level 4 within the next fortnight.

Electrical wiring, plumbing and air-conditioning pipework is advancing well, with lighting connected on Levels 1 and 2.

The Lift is operational and has been handed over to the builder. The Builder has been instructed that it is not to be used during construction under any circumstances.

Water supply, drainage and carpark works are continuing externally.

The current scheduled completion date of Stage 2 (units) remains the third week of June and it will continue to remain so until a formal extension of time claim is submitted by the builder.

The builder has commenced work on parts of Stage 3 but understands he cannot claim for any of this work until Stage 2 has been finished and the Unit Sales Contracts have been finalised. These works were not scheduled to commence until finalisation of sales contracts.

The builder requested he be able to ramp up Stage 3 works in addition to previous approvals. The SPOT Team canvassed the stakeholders affected and gained approval to proceed. To facilitate this, a team cleared parts of the Soundy building adjacent the laneway next to the Church so protective hoardings could be erected to enable the continued offices at the front.

The Builder then requested authority to undertake certain works in the Upper Hall. This was also granted. The works allowed to proceed have been previously approved for construction, but there still remains other works that are yet to be approved, but hopefully this will happen in the next few weeks after final documentation and submission (a process needed after design changes were made from the initial approved documentation).

All furniture, photos, plaques, honour boards and other items have been moved into the Soundy Lounge area that will be hoarded off and inaccessible for a couple of months. The items currently stored in the Upper Hall will be relocated by the builders out of the way of construction and adequately protected while work proceeds. The course of action in expediting Stage 3 works is beneficial in many ways to both the builder and the church.

Discussions are continuing with BFS regarding the possibility of finance to purchase a second unit. One unit which was resold after the initial pull-outs went back on the market again about 10 days ago. Two parties are currently showing interest and a resale is hoped by Monday, 25 May 2020.

Antal Hanke – Project Manager

Outdoor Deck
Outdoor Deck
A fitted out Ensuite
A fitted out Ensuite

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