Pray for our Community

Specific Prayers for you this week:

National Reconciliation Week 2020

Reconciliation Prayer

(Prayer from Wontulp Bi-Buya Indigenous Theology Working Group, 13 March 1997)

Holy Father, God of Love,
You are the Creator of all things.

We acknowledge the pain and shame of our history and the sufferings of Our peoples,
We ask for your forgiveness.
We thank you for the survival of Indigenous cultures. 

Our hope is in you because you gave your Son Jesus to reconcile the world to you.

We pray for your strength and grace to forgive, accept and love one another, as you love us and forgive and accept us in the sacrifice of your Son.

Give us the courage to accept the realities of our history so that we may build a better future for our Nation. 
Teach us to respect all cultures. 

Teach us to care for our land and waters. 
Help us to share justly the resources of this land. 

Help us to bring about spiritual and social change to improve the quality of life for all groups in our communities,
Especially the disadvantaged. 

Help young people to find true dignity and self-esteem by your Spirit. 

May your power and love be the foundations on which we build 
our families, 
our communities,
and our Nation.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Social Justice focus area: Domestic Violence


Our loving father we come to you with thanksgiving in our hearts because you made us and love us unconditionally.  Father we ask that you will enable us to be messengers of hope and love for others. 

Open our eyes that we may truly see the brokenness around us and recognise that we are part of this brokenness and restoration can only come through you.  As you have reached out to us, help us to learn how to reach out to others. Give us a willingness to provide support and sanctuary to those who need it. 

We ask these things father in the name of your son who gave his life that all may know what it is to be in right relationship with you and with each other.