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14 June 2020

Level 3 Passage ready for carpet

Levels 1 and 2 units are 95% complete in all respects with carpet now in passageways as well. Carpet installation, painting and fitout has commenced on Level 3. Plaster is 50% complete on Level 4 and completion now scheduled by the end of the second week in June. Joinery fitout is complete on Level 3 and has commenced on Level 4. Electrical wiring, plumbing and air-conditioning pipework is advancing well, with lighting connected on Levels 1, 2 and 3.

The Lift is operational and has been handed over to the builder. The Builder has been instructed that it is not to be used during construction under any circumstances.
Externally water supply, drainage and carpark works are continuing.

The Surveyor has commenced his role in getting Strata Titling underway.

The current scheduled completion date of Stage 2 (units) remains the 3rd. week of June and it will continue to remain so until a formal extension of time claim is submitted by the builder.

Items stored in the Upper Hall have been relocated out of the way of construction and adequately protected while work proceeds.

Dividing wall in Upper Hall demolished
Dividing wall in Upper Hall demolished

The builder has commenced work on parts of Stage 3 but understands he cannot claim for any of this work until Stage 2 has been finished and the Unit Sales Contracts have been finalised. These works were not scheduled to commence until finalisation of sales contracts. As a result, the Outdoor Deck has been constructed and parts of the Upper Hall and Soundy Building have been demolished. The course of action in expediting Stage 3 works is beneficial in many ways to both the builder and the church.

Soundy Building - wall demolished at laneway
Soundy Building – wall demolished

Fourteen units have now been sold and are under contract. The Church is currently investigating the possibility of keeping a second unit and discussions have commenced with lending institutions. This will be brought to the next Members Meeting.

Antal Hanke – Project Manager

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