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Sunday August 2, 2020

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Christmas in Winter

Christmas in Winter has quickly come and gone, and with it our carolling, our roast dinners and our celebration. It was a modest affair, but as one reported to me, “it’s great to have a little bit of joy amid all that is going on in the world at the moment.”

Christmas in Winter is a celebration without the hype, commercialism and busy-ness we normally associate with Christmas in summer. People described it as strange, unusual, even weird. I think there is something really sad about that. We have become so used to the hype, commercialism and busy-ness, that Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas without them.

And that’s the point, of course. One aim of our winter celebration was  to strip away the hype and commercialism, and leave us with the simple, fragile and profound story of a baby born in lowly circumstances. It was he who not only taught us how to live, but demonstrated how to live it by loving every person even his enemies.

And that’s the Christmas we all need to remember.

Stephen Baxter
Senior Pastor, Hobart Baptist Church


Let there be | Let it shine

Light Work sermon series, August 2-25 2020

Christmas in Winter reminded us of the hope that the newborn baby Jesus brought into the world, and how he can help us and support us out of the dark times in our lives, including Covid-19. In a natural progression, the sermon series for August will explore many aspects of the Light.
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Jacquie Petrusma MP

This morning we have as our guest Jacquie Petrusma MP and her family, joining us for the 10am service. We invited Jacquie, in her capacity as a Member of Parliament, as we join with other churches in Tasmania to give thanks to God for:

• Protecting our state from a serious outbreak of Coronavirus
• Our leaders and their advisors who have, served us well in protecting the lives of Tasmanians,
• And for limiting the loss of life.

The responsibilities of leadership have never been more evident than at this time in our lives. We will take the opportunity to pray for Jacquie, and her fellow parliamentarians, for wisdom of decisions as we move forward, as well as for other leaders around our nation as the country continues to grapple with the Covid-19 pandemic.


Church doors open at 9.30 am for a 10 am service.

You are welcome - there is room!
You are welcome – there is room!

You are welcome to join us in the Tabernacle any Sunday you feel comfortable to do so. We understand it may not be an easy decision, as things are not as they were. Be assured that we have procedures in place to ensure we are complying with the Covid-19 guidelines.

Please remember:

* If you are unwell, you are asked to stay home
* Social distancing still needs to be observed
* There will be communion this week, but not morning tea
* Handouts are reduced to communion only
* You are welcome to bring your own cushion
* More details can be found on Elvanto >>>

HBC Kids Church

Kids’ Church continues, face-to-face this Sunday in the Hall at Hobart Baptist. New procedures have been put in place to comply with our Covid-19 safety plan.
Contact Tracy Ortiz ( if you have any questions.


Scott Ambrose

Calvin Christian School in Kingston, announced on Wednesday they have appointed Scott Ambrose as their new principal.
Scott will commence in this role on 9 November this year. Congratulations Scott!

No doubt Southern Christian College will be very sad to see you go!


The Extraordinary Church Members’ Meeting is coming up, next Sunday 9 August, 11.30am at Church. Please note the change to time and format.
See Church Members Page for more details >>>

Prayer Point: Please pray for all involved with the building project, including the Project Manager and the Treasurer. Please pray for wisdom and guidance and that all the many details come together well.


At this time more than ever it is important to continue your ongoing commitment to God’s work, in Hobart, Tasmania and beyond.
Your support is much appreciated.

Thank you to all who have been faithfully continuing with regular giving during the current economic climate. Many have been using eft for some time now, but there are others who have made the switch since we had to close our doors. Thank you.
Now that we are meeting in person again, the offering plate is available for your use as you leave the sanctuary. (A change in the system due to Covid-19).