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Sunday August 16, 2020

Above: This week it is Prayer Sunday for the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation.

Did you know that Australian Baptists are part of the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation (APBF)?

Prayer for Thailand and Karen Baptists

For the unity of Christian organizations in Thailand;

That Christian leaders will humble themselves before the Lord and listen to His voice;

For God’s protection for His churches all around the world.

Prayer for Nepali Baptists

For the NBCC leadership team, all the staff of NBCC’s departments and provinces, local Baptist Churches Pastor, deacons, youth leaders, women leaders, elder people, sick people and all believer’s good health and spiritual growth and maturity life;

To stop as soon as possible the effect of the COVID-19 Coronavirus from the world;

For Nepali Christians who are living witnesses for Christ following the Nepali government passing the anti-conversion rule in Nepal to stop Christian activities.

Prayer for Japanese Baptists

For Japanese Baptists as Coronavirus continues to increase in cities like Tokyo. Pray for containment that it will not spread to other Prefectures;

For the US Military Base in Okinawa where a total of 99 cases were reported at five facilities in Okinawa Prefecture over the last week through Tuesday;

For wisdom and creativity to hold worship services as some churches are beginning to re-open;

For wisdom that Christians will be able to share the gospel amidst this pandemic crisis;

For Okinawa Baptists:  for human resource development; church growth and church planting; and for vision and passion for World Mission.

For Japan where the public look at any organised religion with suspicion due to problematic cult groups like Aum Shinrikyo etc.  For continual faithful witness of Christ in Japan.

Prayer for Australian Baptists

For the Lord’s special protection for Australia’s First Nation People from COVID-19, especially in remote areas;

For wisdom for our National and State leaders as they seek to reduce the impact of COVID-19;

For opportunities for our local churches to share the good news in word and deed at this time of great uncertainty.

Prayer for Indian Baptists

For Indian Baptists as Asia Times News headlines the surge of infections in India as ‘India drifts rudderless as COVID-19 worsens. India is now the third largest infected country in the world following the USA and Brazil. The pandemic is spreading to other cities and towns, and lockdown is being reimposed in some areas although big cities like Mumbai and Delhi are the worst hit. There is fear that infections are higher than official figures report. News reports the situation in Delhi is “absolutely bad” but also are the pandemic-related effects upon the migrant laborers. Millions have lost their jobs due to months of lockdown. People, and families are committing suicide.

For Churches, Pastors, Christian Leaders who need wisdom to wade through this troubled time and most importantly, how to minister to the needs of the poor and the hungry while keep safe and protected from the Coronavirus.

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Reflect: Yet at present we do not see everything subject to [Jesus]

Hebrews 2:8