HBC Members – and Others!

Hobart Baptist Church would not exist without the support and
care of our official membership.

Annual Members’ Meeting

Sunday November 22, 2020

Including election of Deacons and Officers

The Hobart Baptist Church Annual Members’ Meeting for 2020 will be held in the Hall next Sunday November 22, after the 10am service.

Business of the Annual Members’ Meeting will include:
  • Election of Deacons and Officers
  • Appointment of Ministry Leaders
  • Reception of the Audited Report and Financial Statements for 1 July 2019-30 June 2020.
  • Appointment of an Auditor for the current financial year

Confirming Officers and Ministry Leaders


Secretary – Heather Galloway
Treasurer – Geoffrey Clarke
Assistant Secretary – Karen Stott
Assistant Treasurer – nil
Deacons – Heather Galloway, Celia Munro and Geoffrey Clarke (1 year term)

MINISTRY LEADERS – to be confirmed

Boys’ Brigade Captain     Scott Ambrose
Boys’ Brigade Chaplain Kelvin Smith
Kids’ Church                      Tracy Ortiz
Visitation                            Vacant
Youth Group                      Scott Ambrose

SANCTUARY LEADERS – to be confirmed

Church With No Walls    Frank and Eva Cole
Karen Congregation        Paw Nay & Moo Lay
Mabuhay Christ Homes Joel Ortiz
Refuge Young Adults      Liam Conway
10am Service                     Stephen Baxter

The term of office is one (1) year for Officers and three (3) years for Deacons.

Our current Treasurer, Peter Tattam, will not be seeking re-election. He has also resigned as Deacon from 31 December. After three and a half years as Treasurer, during possibly the busiest period in our Church history, he is in need of a well deserved rest.

Retiring Deacons are Heather Galloway, Joshua Lattimore and Celia Munro. Josh has decided after two terms (six years) as a Deacon it is time to step aside. This opens the door for one or two new people to step up and serve.

The church is poised to begin a new chapter in its history. So now is a perfect opportunity for anyone who feels they are being called to a leadership capacity at HBC to step forward.

General Members’ Meeting

This will follow on after the Annual Members’ Meeting on 22 November 2020.

Agenda Items will include:

  • Reports from the Senior Pastor, Secretary and Treasurer
  • Presentation of the Financial Statements for 1st Quarter, 2020-21
  • Application for membership – Laurie Rowston – transfer back to HBC
  • Building Redevelopment Update

Heather Galloway, Secretary

Members’ Meetings are held quarterly, and are open to members and non-members alike.

The Members are led by the Deacons, who meet monthly.

HBC Diaconate 2019-2020

Chair: Scott Ambrose
Secretary: Heather Galloway
Assistant Secretary: Kaaren Stott
Treasurer: Peter Tattam
Assistant Treasurer: vacant
Ex-officio: Stephen Baxter
Ordinary Deacons: Celia Munro; Joanna Sinclair; Josh Lattimore; Moo Lay Graham; David Needham