HBC Members – and Others!

Hobart Baptist Church would not exist without the support and
care of our official membership.

Extraordinary Members’ Meeting Outcomes

At the meeting held on Sunday, 9 August 2020, the Senior Pastor recapped the vision behind the building redevelopment and the Secretary presented the following motion on behalf of the Deacons.

This Meeting agrees to the church retaining unit No. 16, in the short term, with a review to take place after 2 years, to determine the long term viability of doing so. To enable the building project to be completed the meeting authorises the Diaconate to take out a loan of up to $420,000 from the CBA, (the loan to be interest only, and for a period of 3 years), with the unit to be used as security. In addition, the church is to contribute an amount of up to $150,000 from our funds.
The following amendment was moved and accepted: A review and report to members to take place annually.

Voting was by ballot. The amended motion was passed 23/3.

As the project is nearing completion, we will soon be able to see what we have been working towards. A very exciting time!

However, the overrun on the budget unfortunately brings us to the point where there is tension between getting the job completed, retaining some equity in the units, and ensuring that the church is still able to pay day to day costs.  As stated at the meeting, this is not the position we had hoped to be in, and it does feel uncomfortable.

Rental from the property will be used to fund the loan interest payments, and any surplus funds to be used to reduce the loan.

Prior to the meeting all predictable expenses were taken into account but it was also noted that financial unknowns could occur which would mean that we will not be able to retain the unit even in the short term.

Although the burden of responsibility falls heavily on a few, it is important to remember that we are in it together. Any offers of support, in terms of expertise, or financial assistance – short or long term loan, donation or pledge to reduce our financial burden, would be very welcome.  

One member suggested that there may be others in the church who might be in a position to do as they had done: to give now, what they may otherwise have left to the church in their will. Fundraising is something that was ticking away quietly until COVID-19 came along and put a stop to it! Perhaps now is the time to resume some suitable fundraising.

Please pray for wisdom in decision making in relation to the project and for peace of mind for those with responsibilities.

Heather Galloway, Secretary

Members’ Meetings are held quarterly, and are open to members and non-members alike. (Non-members are able to vote on most issues.)

The Members are led by the Deacons, who meet monthly.

HBC Diaconate

Chair: Scott Ambrose
Secretary: Heather Galloway
Assistant Secretary: Kaaren Stott
Treasurer: Peter Tattam
Assistant Treasurer: vacant
Ex-officio: Stephen Baxter
Ordinary Deacons: Celia Munro; Joanna Sinclair; Josh Lattimore; Moo Lay Graham; David Needham