Tasmanian Baptists News & Prayer

Sunday December 06, 2020

ABOVE: COVID-19 has also impacted developing countries in unexpected ways. The prayer points below, about Lebanon and Bangladesh, featured in the latest ADVANCE | step by step

Prayer for Pastors

Pastors, your signed professional development Year Three Review is now overdue. Ongoing Pastoral Registration will be determined in part on completion of professional development. This may have implications for your church’s insurances and other legalities. See Jeff immediately if you need to know more: jeff@citybaptistchurch.net

The Tasmanian Baptist office is closing for the year in a few weeks’ time, so please email all late forms to both the office karen@riverlands.org.au and Jeff.

Prayer for Tasmanian Baptist Churches

Pray for preparations for Wynyard’s Christian celebrations on the foreshore. The church is partnering with the Council to put on a community event again. Please send prayer points regarding your Christmas celebrations to jeff@citybaptistchurch.net

The Understanding the Baptist Movement study intensive will operate again in Tasmania in 2021 for anyone wanting to better understand the principles that lie behind the 400 year old Baptist movement. The intensive is essential for all APL and RPL pastors who have not previously studied Baptist Principles formally. It is also available to anyone interested to know more about Baptists in a post-denominational era. Cost is just $20. Contact Jeff McKinnon if you would like to receive an information sheet. jeff@citybaptistchurch.net

Prayer for Australian Baptist Ministries

The current ABM National Ministries Director, Keith Jobberns, concludes in March 2021. Australian Baptist Ministries (ABM) has appointed Mark Wilson from Western Australia as the next National Ministries Director starting in March. Mark will step down from his current role as Director of Ministries for Baptist Churches Western Australia to take up the national role. The ABM National Office will be based in Perth, Western Australia.

Prayer for Baptist World Aid Projects

Lebanon: Prayers for mercy, that the suffering in Lebanon after the huge port blast will not be too great over winter during this Covid-19 year.

Bangladesh: Prayers for grace and mercy for garment workers in Bangladesh, as Covid-19 has caused them huge disruption. They usually work a 12 hour day, earning approx. $121/month. Now they must work another 2-hours for Covid cleaning every day, and their pay has reduced to $78/month. As a result, many have to find accommodation closer to the factories, another expense, plus the cost of being away from family. See further details HERE>>>

Reflect: By faith Jacob, when he was dying, blessed each of Joseph’s sons, and worshipped, as he leaned on the top of his staff.

Hebrews 11:21