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Sunday December 20, 2020

YOU ARE WELCOME to join us for our 10am Advent Service in the Tab.

Stephen Baxter will begin the short sermon series “Hope” which will conclude on Christmas Day.

The Online service continues to be available HERE >>>

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Heather Galloway, Secretary


Kids Church

This Sunday 20 December:

10 am Service – Advent “The Hope of Christmas”
Join us for the Kid’s Church Christmas Presentation – by video.

PLUS: Please stay on after the service for a short


There are two agenda items only:-

  1. Reception of the Audited Financial Statements for the 2019-2020 FY, deferred from the AMM, and
  2. Consideration of applications for membership from Bev Pinkett and Ben Wagner.

If you would like more information please ask the Secretary:

Friday 25 December – CHRISTMAS DAY!

9.30am: Christmas Day Service in the Tab

You are encouraged to bring family and friends along to sing carols and receive the message of Hope that Christmas brings. Please note: There will not be an online service on Christmas Day.

Baptist World Aid Australia

As is our custom, the Christmas Day offering will be forwarded to Baptist World Aid. If you do not expect to attend on Christmas Day, you can contribute, either the Sunday before or after, using the offering box at the Tab, You can also give directly to “Be Hope” Christmas Appeal. If you wish to purchase a Big Hearted Gift you can buy a gift here >>>.


2020 will soon be behinds us, and we look forward with Hope to 2021.

Christmas HOPE 2020

This Sunday’s service is on-line as normal and our focus is the Hope of Christmas with a reflection from Stephen. He will bring a similar message in-person in the Tab.

In fact, from this week onwards all the messages, throughout our Summer Series, will be in-person in the Tab. We are hoping to  begin live streaming of our services sometime early into the New Year.
In the meantime, through January, our on-line services will continue and feature some of the “best-of” services of the past six months.

The Connecter team are preparing for a break over the Christmas period, so if you have anything to communicate in our Summer Edition of Connecter, please let us know in the next few days by emailing

It won’t hurt to keep an eye on the website though, as it will be updated if there is anything that needs to be communicated.


It was a very special day that was attended by over 100 people, our biggest congregation since March. It was a wonderful occasion: people joining together after a long absence, two people publicly declaring their commitment to the Lord, families sharing in the joy, family members visiting from interstate and the placing of gifts under the Empty Christmas Tree.


Covid-19 restrictions did not subdue the celebration of the 71st Empty Christmas Tree last Sunday.  A remarkable financial contribution amounting to $320.00 and 25 gift bags, most containing multiple items were placed at the base of the tree. 

All gifts and financial donations were delivered to a very appreciative Hobart City Mission on Monday 14th December 2020 for subsequent distribution to some of our citizens who are ‘doing it tough’.

The generous response of our congregation reflected something of being a CITIZEN H.

Ed. Note: A big THANK YOU to the Kuplis family for again providing the beautiful tree.


Bev being baptised
Bev is about to go under!
Stephen praying for Ben after baptism.
Ben and Stephen praying

It was a very special day for Bev Pinkett and Ben Wagner who were baptised during the service. This public declaration of faith was witnessed by family and friends, a special day to be remembered by all.


The Soundy Forecourt

Thank you for your prayers! Keep them up, we do need a miracle for everything to be finalised before Christmas!

So near and yet so far! Monday’s inspection by the surveyor went well, and the report was received by the Council within a couple of days. But with a few loose ends still to be tidied up, and Christmas holidays fast approaching, our perseverance continues to be tested.

The builders have secured the site, and are breaking early for Christmas. Which is disappointing, but understandable.
Please pray we will have progressed sufficiently with the red tape for them to be able to return to complete the redevelopment at the end of the scheduled Christmas break.

Please continue to pray for all involved over Christmas time, so that they can enjoy Christmas with family.


Units from Carpark

Thank you Hobart Baptist Church Family for support and generosity at this testing time in the redevelopment. Those carrying the load and endeavouring to help get us over the line have been uplifted by the way God has enabled us to do more than we could ever imagine possible, certainly not by our own strength.

By working together we have almost reached our targets of:

$100,000 (gifts) | $250,000 (loans).

Each contribution, irrespective of size has been sacrificial and has made a difference.

The recent loans, along with most of the earlier contributions, went directly to pay the builders. This was appreciated by them and I pass on their thanks to the congregation.

The Tally To-Date:

Gifts $99,572

Loans $217,500

Loans Converted to Donations $35,000

It is a fantastic result and your generosity is acknowledged with gratitude.
If you are still considering your position and would like to know more please email

We are not out of the woods yet, so if you have some suggestions as to how to raise funds please let me know.

PRAYER UNITED – Weekly on Thursdays

Prayer United at HBC

Thank you to those who have been participating in Prayer United on Thursdays: by praying at home, or somewhere else; on your own, in a family group or with friends; perhaps by fasting or gathering in the Tab from 6-7pm and sharing a meal together afterwards.

Please Note: This Thursday, December 17, was the final Prayer United for 2020.

More on Prayer United HERE >>>


Thank you to all who have faithfully continued with regular giving during the current economic climate. Many are now using EFT, with quite a few who have made the switch since we had to close our doors. Your ongoing support is much appreciated.

There is an offering box available for your use as you leave the Sanctuary. (A change to the way we do things as a result of COVID-19).

Give Online Here>>>


Please stay safe and keep each other safe over Christmas!

The Government has increased attendance numbers for Christmas which means that we can invite friends and family to join us for worship in the Tab. At the same time, the requirements for recording those who attend have increased, something we have been doing already. It is the new normal and an important step to help protect us all as we attempt to resume a near normal lifestyle.

With our borders now open to the rest of Australia it is important we remember a few simple things that we can do to help protect ourselves as individuals, those we love and the community at large.

Stay at least 1.5 metres away from others.
Wash your hands often with soap and warm water. Use alcohol-based hand sanitiser when out and about.
Stay at home if you are unwell and always cover coughs and sneezes.
Get tested for COVID-19 if you have any cold or flu-like symptoms.
Be aware of, and follow, current gathering, business and travel restrictions.

When We Are Together Please Remember:

* If you are unwell, you are asked to stay home
*Please use hand sanitiser when you arrive and before you leave
*Family members may sit close together, but
* Others please remember Social distancing of 1.5m
* More details can be found on Elvanto >>>

Thank you for your assistance with this.