Hope Rising – Easter 2021

Sermon series: 28 March to 18 April

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Easter is all about hope as God does the impossible and brings Jesus back to life.

It validates all Jesus taught and died for, and models for us the way God is at work in the world. Despite all our many attempts to avoid the pain, suffering, despair, and ultimate death, they are all part of the human experience. The resurrection points to the profound paradoxical reality of our lives, that it is not in avoiding these things but accepting them as part of life, that love, joy and hope spring.

The title, “Hope Rising” points to the reality that no matter how we are experiencing life, even in its darkest hours, God is with us and walking with us. Hope rises amid the storm of despair, the fever of fear or the despondency of doom.

Jesus is hope personified, resurrected, and alive, with us now in the presence of the Holy Spirit, inviting and calling us to be people of hope amid the community we live in.

28 MarchHope Rising introRising Beyond Hope
Matthew 21: 1-11 
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Live Audio + Q&A
Liam Conway
GOOD FRIDAY 9:30am 2 AprilHope
amid despair
 Play Reading:
“Who Really Killed Jesus”
N/A By Fiona Bradley
4 April
Hope RisingSome disciples shocked to the core
Luke 24:13-32
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Live Audio + Q&A
 Stephen Baxter
11 AprilYou Are WitnessesLuke 24:33-53YouTube service
Live Audio + Q&A
 Stephen Baxter
18 AprilLiving in Hope Michael Henderson 
25 AprilLiam Conway