Church with No Walls

CHURCH WITH NO WALLS currently meets in Lenah Valley.
Find out more: Give our Pastor, Francis (Frank) Cole a call, or SMS, on 0409 794 325 or click here to email

Church With No Walls – who are we?
  • We are a group aiming to bring the Love of Jesus, in all His Saving, Healing, Life-Changing glory to those whom the Holy Spirit brings through our doors.
  • We see ourselves as a Rescue Shop a Yard from Hell, Plundering Hell to Populate Heaven!
  • To achieve this we are prepared to go the “Second Mile,” with those the Holy Spirit brings across our path. Visiting and writing to them in prison, going to court with them, visiting them in hospital and or at home. In other words allowing them to experience in some small way, “Jesus through us.”
  • When all is said and done, “We are our Brother’s Bible!”
  • We realize we are in for the long haul. Just as a baby who has nine months in its mother’s womb before birth can only reach useful adulthood by eating all the right food, and getting help, direction and love from its parents and extended family . . . so it is with a new born Christian!
  • We endeavour to provide an environment where the new, “Born Again” Christian can be fed, guided and nourished to become a completely, “New Creature in Christ Jesus,” ready to take his or her part in living a full victorious life in service with the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • We have a wonderful group covering all walks of life, often with those of differing beliefs, ethnic backgrounds! Hey, no worries, we are, “All One in Christ Jesus!”

Note: Though we only have one listed meeting weekly (2pm Sunday), we have an extensive network reaching most of our city with small impromptu home groups happening anytime.

Give our Pastor, Francis (Frank) Cole a call, or SMS, on 0409 794 325 or click here to email
Frank and his wife Eva are always ready to share Jesus with you.

Come and join us to find out just how much!