Church Family News, 8 August 2021

The Story of Ruth

The Book of Ruth Sermon Series 2021

This Sunday, Liam Conway will give the final message for our series on The Story of Ruth.

Ruth’s story contains some clues for Hobart Baptist Church as it seeks to prophetically serve the city of Hobart.

To be a prophetic servant in her time, Naomi came back in grief to her hometown and brought Ruth, a foreign woman, with her, who would then bring a descendent to Naomi.

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This Week at Church

SERMON TITLE Mother of the Messiah

BIBLE READING Ruth 4:13-22

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Kids Church is on, but Youth stay in the Service.

The Baxters have returned from holiday, but unfortunately will not be in church this week. They are required to home quarantine for two weeks on their return. During this time they are available by phone and email.

Census Request from the National Baptist Ministries Director

I want to encourage all Australian Baptists to tick the Baptist box (or write in ‘Baptist’) as it gives a clearer indication to the government of people’s identification to a particular denomination.

Without a doubt ‘Christian’ is the correct response to the question of religion, however the government always thinks in terms of denominations (as the recent census indicates) and our representation on various committees and agencies (e.g. SRE, Elderly Care, Health, Education, Justice, etc) is based on how many people identify as Baptist.

I believe it’s important that Baptists make their voices heard and this is one definite place we can show our unity and presence.

Mark Wilson, National Ministries Director

Giving Hope where it is needed

The Karen recently held a fundraiser, motivated by the plight of their Karen brothers and sisters who are displaced and living in poor conditions on the border between Myanmar and Thailand. In total $6,750 was raised which included personal donations as well as the proceeds from the fundraiser.
A heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to all who contributed.

Hope in a letter
Oxygen for the sick
The grim reality

This situation concerns us all, but our prayers go particularly to those who have loved ones who are affected. The photos above tell a little of the story. Forced to leave their homes by the military, and no where to go, too many are also dying because Covid-19. They need food, medicine, oxygen …………..
The first $1000 has been sent to the Covid 19 Response Committee and was used to purchase PPE’s and oxygen.

We feel so helpless, but we can do something, even from afar.

New Sermon Series

The Genius of Genesis

Our new sermon series is on the Genius of Genesis and begins next Sunday, 15 August.

Although controversy and disagreement surround the book of Genesis it is, no doubt, a work of inspired brilliance and a profound literary masterpiece.

In this series, rather than looking for Genesis to answer our questions, we will explore the treasures waiting and accept its invitation to reframe our understanding of reality.

Changes to Kid’s Church

HBC Kids Church

Kids’ Church has resumed and this term we are looking at the Armour of God.
We love our cosy new meeting space designed for younger children This space is limited to primary aged children and leaders. Children leave during the service each week, and meet together in their new location upstairs.

Our high schoolers have not been forgotten! HBC Youth also meet in their own space each week during the service, except on the 2nd Sunday of the month.

Name Tags

Name tags

It is great to see people wearing their name tags again. Such a helpful aid to the memory for many of us, and extremely helpful for those who are new to the Church.

A reminder to those who haven’t already done so, to collect their name tags from the board in the Foyer. They are yours to keep, but please wear them each week. If there isn’t one with your name on it, and you would like one, please talk to the secretary.

GIVING – Your tithes and offerings

Offerings – why do we give?

Baptist churches operate independently – they do not receive financial support from a parent body or government agency. We therefore have to generate our own income to support our budget: to pay our Pastoral staff, cover administrative costs and general running costs as well as supporting local and overseas missions.  

Offerings from the congregation are the major source of our income, and as such are very important. We thank all who continue to give faithfully on a regular basis. We could not operate without this support. 
Currently our offerings income falls short of meeting our budget, hence we are looking forward to the whole building being available for use by the community, and the revenue from hiring the spaces increasing our potential to reach out and minister to the community. 

EFT is a great way to ensure regular giving and as well there are offering boxes available for use as you leave the Sanctuary.

You can give online here>>>

COVID-19 is still affecting our lives!!

Check in TAS App

Unfortunately, we are not free of this pandemic yet, as the Baxters can attest! I’m sure you have all been watching the latest news and the result of opening up the country to travel has meant another wave, this time with the delta variant causing even greater concern because of it’s rapid spread.

Have you had your Covid vaccination yet? It is the best way to protect ourselves and our community. Can I encourage you to consider your position prayerfully and ask questions if you are uncertain.

We have been extremely fortunate in Tasmania, but with people moving around it is important not to be complacent and to remember the simple guidelines to keeping everyone safe, including:

  • Get vaccinated
  • Stay at home if you are unwell – always cover coughs and sneezes, and get tested if you have symptoms
  • Please use hand sanitiser when you arrive and before you leave
  • Check In – Everyone over 16 years of age is now required check in whenever they enter the building – Please scan the Check in TAS QR code or sign the attendance sheet.

Thank you for your assistance.

Heather Galloway
Duty of Care Officer