Church Family News

7 February 2021

YOU ARE WELCOME to join us this Sunday at 10am in the Tab. The services will be in a familiar format, with most elements brought to you in-person.

This week Stephen Baxter gives the last of our sermon series ‘I AM’ and we’d love to see you at this week’s 10am service in the Tab.

If you can’t make it, you can watch the YouTube service from 10.15am >>>

Heather Galloway, Secretary

Summer Sermon Series

3 January –
7 February 2021

In the gospels both the authority and identity of Jesus are revealed in a series of statements that begin with “I am” (Greek: ego eimi). We see this clearly in the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus teaches “You have heard … but I say to you”. Here Jesus speaks as God would speak.

For Jews who knew their Bibles and heard Jesus, the meaning would have been clear. Jesus was saying, “hearing me you are hearing God speak”. In this series we will look at the “I am” statement where they appear most frequently; in John’s Gospel. There are seven in total.

To read more about the Summer Sermon Series, CLICK HERE >>>

Church Working Bee

Saturday, 13 February 9.30 to 12.30

Our new office area, meeting rooms and kids area on the upper floor will be mostly finished around 12 February. The following week builders will throw all their energy at the new kitchen, building entrance, Soundy Meeting Room and cafe. 
We need to move everything stored in the Soundy Building upstairs to the new area. 
It’s a big move and volunteers are needed to move chairs, cupboards, boxes, doors and furniture. Some skill with a drill could come in handy. 
If you can lend a hand please speak to Kaaren Stott on Sunday or contact her on 0418 802 706,

Outcomes from Special Church Members’ Meeting

The meeting was held after the 10am Service last Sunday, 31 January, for the purpose of updating the church on the redevelopment and the church’s financial position.

To read the entire report CLICK HERE >>>

Kids Church

Kids’ Church

Kids Church resumes this Sunday and we are spending Term 1 looking at the Ten Commandments. Kids Church is an interactive and fun program with children rotating through various activity stations as they learn the lesson. NOTE: Kids Church takes a break every 2nd Sunday of the month, when the kids re with the Adults in the Hub. Talk to Tracy for more information.  

Praise and Prayer for 2021

As we look forward with hope and anticipation for the opportunities to show God’s love to the community around us enfold, let us give praise:

  • For the fact that we have come through 2020
  • That we live in a beautiful state, in a great country – things may not be perfect, but we have so much to be grateful for
  • That the building, despite delays and rising costs, is nearly complete and
  • That the church community has supported each other through it all.

Please pray for:

  • Settlements on the units to go ahead smoothly and before the end of the month.
  • Project completion by the builders, and smooth sailing in that
  • Sale of the last unit in our building complex
  • Clarity in direction for those putting together the planning day results
  • The leadership team, as the year moves forward in 2021
  • The provision of the necessary finances
  • Establishment of the coffee shop and ministry opportunities through using our new facilities
  • Growth of the church fellowship in faith and number, and
  • Defeat of Covid-19 worldwide.

GIVING – Your tithes and offerings

Thank you to all who have faithfully continued with regular giving during the current economic climate. Many are now using EFT, with quite a few who have made the switch since we had to close our doors. Your ongoing support is much appreciated.

There is an offering box available for your use as you leave the Sanctuary. (A change to the way we do things as a result of COVID-19).

Give Online Here>>>

COVID-19 Update and reminders

Please stay safe and keep each other safe over Christmas!

Give Praise for the fact we live in Tasmania and that we have been able to enjoy a relatively normal Christmas.
Please continue to remember the many people worldwide for whom this has not been the case. A small number are known to us personally.

Remember the simple guidelines to keeping everyone safe:-

Stay at home if you are unwell – always cover coughs and sneezes.
Please use hand sanitiser when you arrive and before you leave
Ensure your name is recorded
Family members may sit close together – others please remember the 1.5m rule

* More details can be found on Elvanto >>>

You will notice when you are out and about that you are being asked to scan the QR code, or write your name down, to assist with contact tracing. As you are aware we have already been recording attendees and we thank you for your ongoing cooperation with this.

Thank you for your assistance with this.