HBC Members – and Others!

Hobart Baptist Church would not exist without the support and
care of our official membership.

Outcomes from HBC Members’ Meeting
held after the 10am Service, Sunday 27th June 2021

The recent members meeting was well attended.

Minutes from a Members Meeting on 28 March 2021 were confirmed.

Senior Pastor’s report: Stephen added to his report saying that the difficulties with the building from last year had rolled over into this year. When we announced the Luminous Festival we did not know if it would be able to go ahead. But God was faithful and it was significant that the first event held was not about us, but was Luminous, shining light into the dark world. It drew people from all walks of life including many non-Christians.
The Tasmanian Christian Fund Grant had boosted the festival by enabling us to pay for catering, advertising etc.
The announcement of Liam’s call to Longford was good news and the fact that we had been able to provide a nurturing ground for him was great. Stephen’s prayer was that Liam and Hannah will be blessed and will be a blessing.
Whilst the numbers at our service have not returned to pre-Covid levels, we have much to be thankful for. It is a similar picture around the country and some churches in Victoria are yet to return to meeting in person.
Stephen and Jenny will be on leave from 8 July for four weeks.

Secretary’s Report: The secretary provided a written report and highlighted the fact that it was good to put the building works behind and to move into using the building. We are still learning how to use the building but encouraged everyone to think how they might become involved.

Coffee Shop: Jo Sinclair gave an update on the progress to date on getting the coffee shop up and running. She has been working with Conrad and Angel Go, a Christian Filipino couple with a heart for mission, who will be leasing the coffee shop and are employing experienced café owners as mentors. The designs are being drawn up, Council requirements to be met, and they are in the last stages of getting sign off on a grant from Baptcare for set up costs.

Treasurer’s Report: Geoffrey Clarke presented the financial statements for the 3 quarters ending 31 March 2021, acknowledging that they were out of date as it is nearly the end of the financial year. Whilst offerings were down, the support from the Government means that we are in a stronger position than we otherwise would be.
The treasurer went on to present the budget for the 2021-2022 financial year, which was based on this years. The offerings target presents a challenge as it is higher than what we have been achieving this year. The budget was adopted.

Diaconate Vacancy: Hannah Conway was elected onto the Diaconate for the remainder of the year.

Membership Application: Heather Galloway presented the interview report and the meeting voted to welcome Ruth Burgess into Membership of the Hobart Baptist Church.

Building Update: Antal was happy that we are now using the building! The main task that remains is to get the finances in order.
Work on shortening the pews is nearly complete and whilst the cost is not cheap the Joiner is doing more than he quoted for.
A minute of appreciation for Antal’s work over the course of the Building Redevelopment was recorded.

Hard copies of papers are still available if you would like them.

Heather Galloway, HBC Secretary