HBC Members – and Others!

Hobart Baptist Church would not exist without the support and
care of our official membership.

Outcomes of Hobart Baptist Church Members’ Meeting
held after the 10am Service, Sunday 28 March 2021

In opening the meeting in prayer, the Chairman, Scott Ambrose noted that 2020 had been a challenging year: Covid forced the Church to close and required new arrangements and creativity; and as well the Building Redevelopment added further stresses for many.

Minutes from the Members’ Meeting of 22 November 2020, and Special Members’ Meetings held on 20 December 2020 and 31 January 2021 were confirmed.

The 136th Annual report for Hobart Baptist Church, which recorded the life of the Church from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020, was presented and adopted.

The Senior Pastor, Stephen Baxter,

  • acknowledged the many people who had worked over and beyond to get us through the year.
  • reported that the Facilities Engagement Team (FACET) have the booking system for the different areas, pretty much ready,
  • shared the plans for Christmas in Winter, the artwork Michael is preparing for Dark MoFO, and the idea of a conference ‘Luminous’ for which he has put in a submission for a grant from Tas Christian Fund,
  • shared the suggested names for the different areas, most of which give recognition to different parts of our Church History. (Gibson Hall, Soundy Lounge and upstairs the ‘Playroom’ opening on to the Deck, the Boreham Room and the nipaluna Room).

The Treasurer, Geoffrey Clarke,

  • acknowledged the generosity of the people in terms of Offering and the Building Redevelopment Appeal, and
  • reported that the transition of the Bookkeeping to Tas Baptists was progressing well and the Financial Report for the 9 months ended 31 March 2021 would be presented at the next Church Meeting.

The Secretary, Heather Galloway,

  • updated the meeting on the completion of settlement on the units, the repayment of loans, and car parking,
  • reported on the changes to Connecter following the Survey, and
  • showed the QR code as per Government requirement to use the Check in TAS app. from 1 May.

Antal Hanke, Project Manager, said that last year was a challenging year and the challenges continue, but we keep going.

The builders have said they will be finished, except for the door into the church, by the end of April.

Antal thanked Heather Galloway for her support and a motion of appreciation for Antal’s work was passed.

Stephen closed the meeting in prayer.

Heather Galloway, Secretary