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19 May 2021

About 2 weeks to go before the interior works – except for the door between the Church and the Foyer – is complete. The bitumen paving of the rear carpark and southern driveway is scheduled for the second week of June – there is just too much going on in Hobart at present!

The works in the new Kitchen are progressing well.

The Forecourt works are almost complete with tactile indicators and handrails installed. Only the bitumen infill to the footpath is outstanding. The framing for the new church sign is in place.

Quotes have been obtained for altering the pews and this work will be carried out shortly after receiving the blessing of the Heritage Council.

The saga of the phone and internet is behind us now! We have given Telstra the flick and are now dealing with a new provider. We have the internet connected on the mezzanine and when the new kitchen is finished, we will be able to connect the ground floor.

Negotiations are also ongoing with the proposed Coffee Shop lessee.

As you can see, there is getting to be less to report each time – hopefully this will be the final update.

I have taken progress photos during the course of the project, so if anybody would like a copy for their own interest, I would be happy to oblige, but please provide me with a 16gbyte memory stick. I will upload the photos plus all the Development News Reports.

Antal Hanke – Project Manager

Forecourt works underway
Forecourt works underway
Forecourt concreting completed
Forecourt concreting completed
Foyer - nearly complete
Foyer – nearly complete
Forecourt paving
Forecourt paving

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