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18 June 2021

We are very pleased to have gained Practical Completion of Stage 3 of the project – on the day we held the first event in the newly developed Foyer area (the opening of Luminous & Michael Henderson’s art exhibition). It was a great event enjoyed by about 40 attendees. Many good comments were forthcoming.

Unfortunately, the recent heavy and persistent rains have highlighted several roof leaks which are proving difficult to locate and fix.

There remains only a few items of work to complete – mainly due to the difficulty in getting fittings. These will be done as soon as possible. The alteration of the church pews is well underway and should be complete in about a week or so.

I have taken progress photos during the course of the project, so if anybody would like a copy for their own interest, I would be happy to oblige, but please provide me with a 16GB memory stick. I will upload the photos plus all the Development News Reports. I have had a couple of orders so far.

Antal Hanke – Project Manager

Looking in to the new kitchen
Looking in to the New Kitchen
Looking out from the New Kitchen
Looking out of the New Kitchen
The New Foyer and Meeting Room
The New Foyer and Meeting Room
The New Staircase to Level 1
The New Staircase to Level 1
The Future Coffee Shop space
The Future Coffee Shop Space

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