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11 February 2021

Here is a quick update of the development progress since my last report in mid-November.

Delays in getting the sign-offs for Stage 2 and the necessary Strata Title registration prevented the finalisation of the unit sales in 2020. As a result, we were unable to pay the builder for Stage 3 works and he commenced Christmas holidays early.

The Builder did, however, graciously recommence activities on site on the 11 January and has slowly ramped up works in the Upper Hall and the lower Foyer area of the Soundy Building.

The Strata titles were finally registered on 29 January. Settlement on the units will commence next week and will be complete two weeks later.

As of today, the status of the Upper Hall/Mezzanine Areas is as follows:

Plaster patching of existing old walls is 95% complete
Painting of new walls etc. is 80% complete
The Toilets are fitted out
Tea-making facilities/joinery is complete
Electrical & mechanical works are 75% complete
Vinyl flooring is complete
Carpet is due for installation on 12 February

The works in the lower Foyer area adjacent the Church in the Soundy Building are well advanced also:

Wall &  ceiling plaster is in place and ready for painting
Electrical cabling is installed
Folding doors to the Lounge/Meeting Room have been installed
The roof glazing adjacent the Church is complete
The demolition of the walls & window for the new doorway into the Church is well advanced
Preparations are in progress for the installation of the automatic entry doors & Air Lock

It is hoped that the working bee on Saturday 13 February will see most of office and meeting room furniture moved upstairs ready for the builder to remodel the Soundy Lounge and Office area.

The Forecourt in front of the Soundy Building has been at a standstill but work will resume in the next week or so.

Antal Hanke – Project Manager

Upper Hall - Play Room Area
Upper Hall – Play Room Area
Upper Hall - Circulation Area
Upper Hall – Circulation Area
Upper Hall - Tea making facilities
Upper Hall – Tea making facilities
New Door into Church
New Door into Church
New Ceiling works and Roof glazing in Lower Foyer
New ceiling works and Roof Glazing in Lower Foyer

(Note that the works have progressed since the photos were taken) 

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