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25 February 2021

A lot has happened since my last report on 11 February.

Heather, Kaaren and I have been extremely busy (Heather in particular) working feverishly to finalise the Strata Titles. There was an issue with the initial registration and an amended application had to be submitted firstly to the HCC and then to the Lands Titles Office. The good news is that both entities came through in record time, thus allowing the first of the settlements to take place on Friday 26 February. BFS have also agreed to channel the first transfer payment to our long-suffering builder – who has waited patiently for many months.

The other good news is that Unit 16 – the one the Church was hoping to keep – has sold very quickly to a cash buyer for significantly more than originally listed due to market conditions existing in Hobart at the moment, despite Covid-19.

Building works on Stage 3 are continuing and progress is good.

As of today, the status of the Upper Hall/Mezzanine Areas is as follows:

Plaster patching and painting of existing old walls is 95% complete.
Painting of new walls etc. is 100% complete.
The Toilets are fitted out.
Tea-making facilities/joinery is complete.
Electrical and mechanical works are 75% complete.
Vinyl flooring is complete.
Carpet is installed.Power and Lighting and Data is complete

The works in the Lower Foyer area, adjacent the Church in the Soundy Building are well advanced also:

Wall and ceiling plaster is in place and ready for painting.
Demolition of the existing offices has been done and new Kitchen walling is 80% complete.
Electrical cabling is installed.
Folding doors to the Lounge/Meeting Room have been installed.
The roof glazing adjacent the Church is complete.
The demolition of the walls and window for the new doorway into the Church is well advanced.
The installation of the automatic entry doors and air lock is underway.
The Forecourt works have resumed, and work will start on the ramp in the Church early next week after several pews are relocated.

Antal Hanke – Project Manager

Clockwise from top left: Demolition of old offices in progress; New concrete step into Soundy Building; Book-shelving on Mezzanine area to partition off Stephen’s working area; New kerbing around tree and crossover

Note: Internal works in the Soundy Building have progressed since the photos were taken.

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