Luminous Festival – 2022

Thursday 9th June to Sunday 3rd July 2022

The Luminous Festival is a mid-winter festival hosted by Hobart Baptist Church

Luminous means “emitting or reflecting usually steady, suffused, or glowing light” and aims bring light into the darkness of our cultural moment.

In the fourth century, Christians began celebrating the birth of Jesus on December 25 in a reworking of the pagan Roman winter solstice celebrations. The cold, dark, bleak reality, of winter was an ideal time to celebrate the warmth and light of Christ coming into the world as a signpost of hope and redemption. Winter in Hobart lends itself to do the same. 

Luminous: emitting, or reflecting, a steady, suffused, or glowing light


Liminous 2022, dates

Christmas in Winter 2022-sq

Christmas in Winter
27th June to 3rd July

  • 19th June Advent Sunday, One
  • 26th June Advent Sunday, Two
  • Fri 1st July Carols at the Tab – FREE EVENT
    With guest performers Zoe Fitzherbert and Brett Budgeon
  • Sun 3rd July Christmas Day Service

  • Michael Henderson installation
    12-5pm, 10-17th June,
    How lonely lies this land, once so full of people
    More Info:

  • Luminous Conversation: Receiving Welcome
    6pm, Wed 15 June, 2022
    With Prof. Tim McCormack, Kate Warner and Michael Henderson

  • Luminous Conversation: Brave Leadership
    6pm, Tue 21 June, 2022
    A panel discussion with Rebecca White, Wendy Quinn, Ella Hickey and Jenny Baxter

  • Luminous Conversation: Losing my Religion
    6pm, Thu 23 June, 2022
    A talk with David Knox