May Mission Month 2021

This year’s theme is “Vibrant Communities”:

  1. Following Jesus in their own distinctive ways
  2. Sharing God’s love
  3. Humbly contextualising the Good News
  4. Partnering together

For nearly 140 years, Global Interaction – as the Australian Baptist mission – has been sending people to share the Good News with communities who may never hear it otherwise.

It can only be done together! Your generosity is enabling Global Interaction workers to play their part in God’s life-changing mission. But the work is not done yet. Looking ahead, the hope is to go deeper and wider in the mission. Be a partner, knowing that your investment will make an eternal difference.

For decades, Hobart Baptist Church has supported Jit and Jan Yawan as they work in Thailand with disabled people through Lanternlight Ministries – Community based rehabilitation.

Read about Jit and Jan’s work >>>

You can also download the Global Interaction Prayer Diary, to pray for the work of Intercultural Workers overseas.