Prayer Points, 14 October 20

Day of prayer and fasting

What to Pray

Wednesday October 14, 2020 – Come to the Tab 12-7pm
  • Pray for Antal, our Project Manager. He has already spent countless volunteer hours on this project, and has many more hours to go. Please pray he sleeps well; has a strong sense of peace; an ability to communicate well with builders, architects, council and the many other people he needs to connect with; and the wisdom of Solomon!
  • Lift up Heather, our HBC Secretary, as she oversees and takes responsibility for the final decisions that we as a church make regarding loans, building fit outs and leasing of our apartment. Heather also needs clarity of mind, peaceful sleep and a supportive team.
  • Remember Peter, our HBC Treasurer as he works on the finances, and the implications for us as a church body in the long term. Peter is also facing a significant family time as his mother nears the end of her days. Please pray he and his family will be comforted during their grief.
  • Prayer for the architects for our project, particularly Fred Ward and his team, as they find solutions to our current problem. Give thanks for Fred’s continued desire to do a great job for HBC.
  • Give thanks for our builders who have been gracious with us in so many ways already. Pray that they conclude the project well. Pray too, for safety and good health for workers and subcontractors on site.
  • Please pray for the provision of the final and critical $50,000 that we need to complete the project, and for loans to enable us to furnish and fit out the development well. Already we have had to think through areas we might need to cut back on many final details. But how good would it be if we didn’t need to do that!
  • Pray too, for our planning for the future mission and ministries of HBC. Our two planning opportunities are coming up on Sunday Oct 25, and Thursday Oct 29. We want to prepare well for the use of our new facilities, and all that God is going to do through and in it seven days/week!

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