A Time to Weep, May 3 2020

God’s gift of Lament

Today’s Preacher: Stephen Baxter

Sermon Title: What is Lament?

The entire service, approx 52 minutes, is available on YouTube, below, and includes Communion. So have your elements ready!

“The Bible actually responds to real life. We jump so quickly to everything’s going to be fine and awesome. We forget that the Bible actually allows us, and in fact encourages and maybe even commands us, to stay in those places of suffering, to speak the honest truth.”

Soong-Chan Rah

In this series we explore Lament as God’s gift to us and actively engage in lament for our world, our community, our families and ourselves.

Our aim is to learn together how to lament well. Each Sunday we will enter into grief of a particular issue at both a corporate and individual level. This will bring a strong ‘contemplative’ feel to our services. We will sing songs that talk about human suffering, rather than songs that say move too quickly to announce that everything is going to be okay. Each week we will endeavour to use poetry and/or responsive readings as well as testimony of lament.

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Today’s Bible readings: Psalm 13 and Lamentations 1: 1-4; Communion – Isaiah 63:7-9