Tips for Fasting

Day of prayer and fasting

How to Fast?

If you have never, or rarely, fasted it will be helpful to read the following tips:

  • It may not be appropriate or medically advisable for you to fast from food. If pregnant, breastfeeding, are involved in work which involves extensive physical exercise, have a medical condition, or some other reason, please consider the decision to fast carefully. We do not want you to become unwell!
  • You can fast from things other than food. For example, you could abstain from: smartphones/technology, chocolate, tea or coffee, computer games, TV, talking, or any favourite activity.
  • Remember, what is difficult for one person may be easy for someone else. Fasting is personal, between you and God, so carefully consider something that would be difficult for you to give up (for a period).  
  • If you are interested in fasting from food, you could fast for one meal or two. For a 24-hour fast the easiest is to fast from dinner to dinner. In doing so, you fast a full day, but only skip two meals instead of three.
  • Make sure you drink water. One of the hardest physical ailments accompanying a fast can be a headache. This is often due to a lack of water, so stay hydrated.
  • Another common cause for headaches is due to withdrawing from addictive substances such as sugar or caffeine. Bear this in mind, and know that it will ease once you stop your fast.
  • Expect you might face some spiritual and physical opposition. If you find yourself looking for an excuse not to fast. So whatever you have decided will be the scope of your fast, resist the temptation to withdraw and stay on course. You will be glad you did.

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