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Pray for the Hobart Baptist Church Family and Beyond

Karen Stott feels richly blessed by God. In Karen’s words, the pacemaker has been life-changing. Karen is grateful for your prayers and she asks you to join her in praising God for his intervention and healing. 

Please pray for Helen Kosmeyer and the family as they grieve the passing of Dora. Pray too for Stan Hince as he conducts the funeral this Monday 16 May.

Pray for those within the church community who are struggling with their health or other issues at the moment. Pray for those who are isolating either with Covid, or as a close contact. May they all know God’s presence with them.

Pray for the Community:

Tasmania Celebration with Will Graham.

Pray for the Tasmania Celebration, only a week away, on Saturday 21st May. Pray that there will be enough volunteers and that their training will enable them to connect with those who attend the event as well strengthening their own faith.
Pray that people will respond to the invitation to attend, and that the event will have a big impact in the City of Hobart and beyond.

Living in a Covid-19 Vaccinated Community
Coronavirus continues to be spread around the community, with an ever growing number of people contracting it. An increasing number of families are being affected on a daily basis in some way or another.

Pray for those you know and those you don’t, for the ability to cope, for reassurance in decision making, for comfort in sickness and good care when required.

Continue to pray for the ongoing vaccinations of children and adults and pray for parents making the decisions around the vaccination of their children.

Pray for the health workers that are on the frontline with Covid patients. The health system is under enormous pressure, the workers are battling long hours and trying conditions, putting their own health and the health of their families at risk, as they care for the sick and dying.

Pray for those whose other health issues have been getting worse due to pressure on the health system.

Pray for the world.

There are many areas of unrest in the world in which we live, but the one perhaps of greatest concern for world peace at the moment is the situation between Russia and the Ukraine.

Please pray for wisdom for the leaders of all nations as they respond to this crisis, and pray for the innocent people who will lose their lives as a result of the conflict.

Pray for peace.

Reflect:  Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth

Psalm 46:10