A Curious Christmas: Dec 16, 2018

Today’s Preacher: Stephen Baxter

Advent 3 – Curious Dreams

This Christmas we are following Matthew’s story. Writing to a Jewish readership, Matthew endeavors to explain how Jesus is their long-anticipated Messiah. However, his arrival is nothing like they expected and indeed quite curious.

Yet we celebrate Christmas amid festivities that have become more and more commercialized and full of materialism.  It is curious how the celebration of God emptying himself of what it meant to be God and becoming a human being (Philippians 2:7) has become an excuse for us to consume, spend and focus on ourselves. Such consumerism has very little to do with the birth of Christ or the celebration of Emmanuel – God with us.

Looking at some of the more curious aspects of the Christmas story as told by Matthew will hopefully help us to take our minds off shopping list and on to the things God has done for us. Being curious may just enable us to give less room to commercialism and materialism and more to the eternal. The curious just may help us ‘do’ Christmas differently this year.

Today’s Bible Reading: Matthew 2:9-18