Great Expectations

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4 December 2022 to 29 January 2023

Luke the Physician was likely an outsider and a second-generation follower of Jesus.
It appears from his writings he was deeply interested in people, and how the story of Jesus was relevant to everyone. Regardless of ethnicity, gender, socio-economic or class status, Luke’s gospel is a collection of stories of Jesus interactions with people. It is clear from this gospel that Jesus seeks to include everyone, even when it meant challenging the established social and power structures and those who benefit from the status quo.

Series Schedule

4 DecIntro: who wrote Luke & why? Luke 1:1-4Matt
11 DecA Surprising Hope: Zechariah’s Song. Luke 1:5-80Michael
18 DecThe Coming King: Mary’s Song. Luke 1:26-56Kylie
25 DecBirth of Jesus. Luke 2:1-21Matt
1 JanThe Boy Jesus. Luke 2:22-52Matt
8 JanThe Trial in the Wilderness: Baptism & Testing. Luke 4:1-15Fiona
15 JanJesus in the temple: Luke 4:14-30Michael
22 JanUnderstanding Purpose: Luke 4:31-44Matt
29 JanJesus the Partygoer: Luke 5:27-39Sean

Luke begins his story before Jesus’ birth and discusses the expectations of people who understood, or thought they understood, what was going to happen. He then shows how Jesus often confounded those expectations in beautiful and powerful ways. 

This gospel is based on research and investigation, as one would expect from a physician. Luke is not proposing theories or attempting to promote philosophical or religious ideas. Instead, his gospel is a report based on his findings.

As we explore this gospel, we will find he writes of a Saviour who embodies the value of ‘welcome’ that is Hobart Baptist’s theme for 2023. We will also find it a valuable roadmap for how we can navigate following Jesus in Hobart in the twenty-first century.