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Church Members’ Meeting Outcomes

Cover 137th Annual Report for HBC

Last Sunday the 27 March 2022, a Church Members’ Meeting was held following the 10am service .

The 137th Annual Report, which is a great record of all that was achieved, the highs and the lows, during 2021 in all the different ministries of the church, was received.

The Senior Pastor, Secretary and Treasurer presented updated reports for the first three months of 2022, including Financial Statements.

In addition members adopted the proposed changes to the Constitution, endorsed the addition of Kylie Henderson as a member of the Finance Committee and received David Knox into membership.

The relevant sections of the Constitution now read:-
On page 14 –

Auditor  (Amended 27 March 2022)
  • A qualified Company Auditor may be appointed by the Church as auditor for the current year.  If an appointment is not made at the AMM, or a casual vacancy occurs, the Diaconate may appoint an auditor to hold office until the next annual election.  The auditor shall report to the Church about the accounts as required by the relevant laws of the State of Tasmania.
  • The Members, on the recommendation of the Diaconate, may agree not to appoint an auditor as stated under section (1), for the following reasons: –
    • Section 24, section (1C) of the Associations Incorporation Act 1964 provides that an incorporated association is exempt from complying with subsection (1) (appointment of a registered company auditor) in relation to a financial year if the revenue of the registered entity for that financial year is less than $250,000 and
    • the Diaconate is satisfied that the internal control of the Church’s finances is such that fraudulent or dishonest conduct by an office bearer is not possible.
  • The Members may, at any time, appoint a member, or members, to examine the financial records

A consequential motion on page 15 reads:-


The Treasurer shall ensure that all accounts in the name of the Church including financial, taxation and accounting records are kept at agreed financial institutions and using processes approved by the Diaconate in accordance with accepted accounting and taxation procedures. 
*A financial report shall be presented by the Treasurer at each monthly Diaconate Meeting and relevant data presented to the Church Auditor, if one has been appointed by the Members’ Meeting, within three (3) months of the end of the financial year, or alternatively, presented on demand to the member or members appointed to examine the financial records. (*Amended 27 March 2022)

Heather Galloway,