HBC Members – and Others!

Hobart Baptist Church would not exist without the support and
care of our official membership.

Church Members’ Meeting Outcomes – 26 June 2022

At the Church Members’ Meeting held on Sunday, 26 June in the Gibson Hall:

  • Minutes from the Members’ Meeting of 27 March 2022 were confirmed
  • The meeting heard reports from the Senior Pastor and Secretary
  • The Financial Statements for 1 July 2021 – 31 March 2022 were received and confirmed
  • The Members agreed that “An auditor not be appointed for the current financial year”.

Extension of the Senior Pastor’s call.

The Church members agreed unanimously to a four-year extension (2+2) of Stephen Baxter’s appointment as Senior Minister of Hobart Baptist Church, 2 days per week, until 1st September 2026.
This being subject to a mutually satisfactory review in the second year of this extension (to be completed prior to 31st August 2024).

Budget 2022/23

The Meeting also adopted a draft Budget for the financial year 2022/23.

That budget provided for weekly offerings of $2,516 compared with the previous year’s budget of $2,340 and actual offerings for the nine months to 31 March 2022 of $2,243.

The sundry income in the new budget is more than in the 2021/22 budget due to a substantial increase in facility hire fees.  Expenditure is also higher due to the appointment of Matt as the Associate Minister and increased cleaning and hiring expenses.  

A revised budget will be prepared and submitted to the next Members’ Meeting once the 2021/22 figures are finalised and more information regarding hiring and cleaning is known.

Heather Galloway,