Tell Him He’s Dreaming, 19 Jan 2020

Today’s preacher: Liam Conway

“Tell him he’s dreaming” from the Aussie classic, The Castle, has become part of the Australian vernacular. The Sermon on the Mount comes with such high expectations and ambitions one could say the same to Jesus.

Yet, throughout history thousands have been inspired by this teaching­­–from Augustine to Gandhi, Leo Tolstoy to Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Luther to Martin Luther King Jnr.

Jesus’ sermon reminds us that God has a dream for this world. God promises a day when sorrow, pain and death are vanished, wounds are healed, and tears wiped away by God’s own hand. This summer we will allow this sermon to inspire us too? We will accept the invitation to dream God’s dream for our world and work with God in seeing it become a reality.

During this Summer we are studying the Sermon on the Mount with the intention of allowing it to search our hearts and inspired to join God in bringing shalom to planet earth.

Today’s Bible Reading: Matthew 5:17-6:4