The Genius of Genesis

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The Great Invitation

Sermon Series 22nd August to 26th September

Unlocking the treasures of Genesis 1-3 and how they can change your life

Although controversy and disagreement surround the book of Genesis it is, no doubt, a work of inspired brilliance and a profound literary masterpiece. In recent centuries, Christians have busied themselves arguing how Genesis reconciles with science without appreciating how our understanding of both science and the text are growing and changing, and in the process losing so much of what Genesis is trying to help us understand. However we reconcile the Genesis account with science, it is wise to do so with grace and humility and certainly important not to vilifying those who think differently.

In this series, we will explore the first three chapters of Genesis and allow it to address us with its insights, rather than looking for it to answer our questions. As we put the ‘science’ question to one side we will explore the treasures waiting and accept its invitation to reframe our understanding of reality.

Aug 22Genesis 1:1-3In the beginning – Finding meaning | WATCHStephen Baxter
Aug 29Genesis 1:1-2:3Evening and Morning – Sabbath Rest | WATCHStephen Baxter
Sept 5Genesis 1:26-31Created and chosen – Being special | WATCHLiam Conway
Sept 12Genesis 1:24-31 Good and very good – God’s delight | WATCHStephen Baxter
Sept 19Genesis 3:1-11When sin is good news – special but marred | WATCHStephen Baxter
Sept 26Genesis 1:26-31Image bearers – God’s co-creatorsMichael Henderson