Growing People: Learning to Live Like Jesus

16 April to 28 May 2023

Following on from the Great Road Trip series, our next series is called Growing People. On his way to Jerusalem Jesus spent a lot of time with his disciples teaching, demonstrating and living “the Kingdom of God”. One of the profound implications of his death and resurrection in Jerusalem is that he left the disciples to carry on with his vision and mission, after returning to Father. Jesus had helped the disciples to grow to a certain point so that they, now inspired, empowered and equipped by the Holy Spirit, were ready to take all they’d learnt and move out into the world.

Through the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ continues the work of growing mature followers. In this series, we return to the gospel of Luke and touch on key moments when Jesus taught his disciples the specifics of what the Kingdom means for practical, everyday living. Come, let’s walk with the disciples as we continue learning how to live like Jesus in Hobart

Series Schedule

DateSermon Title (click linked titles to watch on YouTube)Bible PassageSpeaker
16 AprGrowing PainsLuke 6:46-49Stephen Baxter
23 AprListen to himLuke 9:28-36Matt Henderson
30 AprWhen Church is FirstLuke 8:19-21
Luke 12:51-53
Luke 18:27-30 
Stephen Baxter
7 MayAttitude CountsLuke 10:38-42Stephen Baxter
14 MayDealing with Opposition the Jesus Way
Luke 6:27-38
Stephen Baxter
21 MayFor the Love of MoneyLuke 16:10-13
Luke 18:18-27 
Matt Henderson
28 MayKeep it SimpleLuke 10:25-37
Luke 14:12-14 
Michael Henderson