Luminous 2024

Save the date: 12 – 23 June 2024

Christians began celebrating the birth of Jesus on 25 December in the 4th century as a reworking of the pagan Roman winter solstice celebrations. A cold, dark winter was an ideal time to celebrate the warmth and light of Christ coming into the world as a signpost of hope and redemption.

Winter in Hobart lends itself to the same opportunity, and the idea of hosting a mid-winter festival called Luminous, that starts conversations around spirituality and hope, was born.

The word means emitting or reflecting steady, glowing light, and the festival aims to bring light into the darkness of our cultural moment.

Luminous seeks to open a space for discussion, develop thought and shine a gentle and welcoming light on profound and foundational questions in a way that is life-giving and unifying.

This is done through art and conversations and by celebrating Christmas within its original context of the dark and cold of winter, celebrating rich themes of light and hope, which often go missing in an Australian summer Christmas.

In 2024, Luminous will focus on appreciating the spirituality of place and country, by showing respect for indigenous spirituality, by exploring the sacredness of the environment, by acknowledging the significant differences between dirt and land, between a house and a home and between care of each other and care for the land. Luminous will be an ongoing conversation on the sacredness of life and how to live it well on this wonderful island Tasmania.

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