HBC Futures – into 2022

The future of HBC is COMING!

Do you want to be part of it?

On Thursday the 18th November, quite a few of us gathered in the Soundy Lounge for a meal and a chat.

We remembered our important history, reviewed our logo, and confirmed our desire to move forward into the great unknown, especially now we have a new facility to work with, and quite a few new people in our midst.

Soundy Lounge on the night

Now it’s over to YOU!

What is God putting on your heart to do at HBC?

  • Perhaps a ministry to Elizabeth College such as Breakkie or Homework Clubs?
  • What about Alpha or the Marriage Course?
  • Maybe an activity group for children?
  • You could dream up a paperplane, solar, eco-challenge?!

A few provisos

  • You must be willing to initiate, or work with a team, in leading your idea.
  • You could have a chat to someone else, to see if they think it’s a good idea.
  • Make the suggestion to Stephen (stephen@hobartbaptist.org.au) or Michael (michael@tasbaptists.org.au) in the coming weeks.
  • Be willing to wait – there may be a few pilot programs run to see what works. But we can’t do that all at once!

Please refer any questions, ideas, or suggestions to Stephen Baxter (until 28th November), or Michael Henderson.