Jesus: Son of Man – Son of God, August 13

 Nathan Lattimore continues with Part 3 in our series through the Gospel of Mark >>>

Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication, this sermon was not recorded. However, Nathan has graciously provided the major points of his sermon as follows:

  1. The climax of Mark’s Gospel is Peter’s confession (Mark 8)
    1. Everything leading up to this is intentionally enthralling, dramatic, designed to ‘catch the audience up’. Think ‘film-trailer’.
  2. Leading up to the climax, the biggest theme is Jesus’ authority:
    1. Chapter 1
      • “The beginning of the gospel of…” (Reference to common introduction for histories of Caesar’s conquests). Point: Mark is comparing Jesus’ authority to that of Caesar. ii
      • Jesus and the Holy Spirit
    2. Chapter 2
      • Jesus’ authority to forgive and heal
      • Jesus’ authority over the Sabbath
    3. Chapter 3
      • Where does Jesus’ authority come from?
    4. Chapter 4
      • Parables, of which Jesus is the main character
      • Jesus’ authority over nature (calming the storm)
  3. Mark uses the disciples as a que to his readers: respond!
    1. Many narratives have a character who represents the audience. They take the same journey the audience do. In Mark, this is the disciples.
  4. The parables read by a persecuted church
    1. The sower: will you allow your message to be choked out by trouble?
    2. The lamp: will the troubles of life cause you to dim your light?
    3. The mustard seed: growing into a sanctuary; a refuge in a troubled world
  5. Jesus seduces us
    1. By intriguing us with his works
    2. By creating curiosity in his teaching (Mark 4:11-12)
    3. The BIG appeal in Mark is to be seduced by Jesus; to allow Him to captivate us.