August Sermon Series

August 2 – 30, 2020


Let There Be | Let it Shine

This series comes just after celebrating Christmas in Winter. We will explore the nature of God and what it means for us to be the image of God in the world. We will focus in on God as creator and Jesus as life, and what it means for us as image bearers and the call to be light and to walk in the light.

Sunday August 2 – Let There be Light

Preacher: Stephen Baxter.

From Genesis 1: 1-5, we introduce the series and the significance of the “light” metaphor. God is the creator, the source of life and all that is good.

The entire service is available, below. It runs for 33 minutes.

To watch the sermon only, please note it runs from 10:15 to 24:40.

Sunday August 9 – I Am the Light

Preacher: Jo Sinclair

From John 1:1-18 and/or John 8:12-30, we focus on Jesus, his identity and purpose. Jesus is the light of the world and brought God’s light close for us all to see and know.

Th entire service is 31:16 minutes. To watch the sermon only, skip through to 13:22.

Sunday August 16 – You Are the Light

Preacher: Michael Henderson

From Matthew 5:13-16, we look at the call to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. What does it mean for us to live in righteousness and justice before the world, not for our sakes, but to glorify God?

The entire service is 33:24 minutes. To listen to the sermon, skip through to 10:25.

Sunday August 23 – Living in the Light

Preacher: Liam Conway

From Ephesians 5:8-15, we explore the call to discipleship. Light is not an end unto itself but serves to make visible what is true and real.

The entire service is 27:10 minutes. However, you could skip ahead to watch the sermon, beginning at 9:39.

Sunday August 30 – Walking in the Light

Preacher: Scott Ambrose

From 1 John 1:5-2:2, we explore how walking in the light does not eliminate sin from our lives, but brings both the awareness of sin and the acknowledgement of God’s forgiveness, because Jesus died “for the sins of the whole world”.