Our New Murals Proudly Open to an Empty House!

Hobart Baptist Church has mixed emotions as two new murals were installed recently as part of their Easter celebrations.

The church was both sad, and proud, to open to an empty house on the Easter weekend.

The church commissioned their artist-in-residence Michael Henderson to create two new murals, each 5 x 2 metres, to hang in their auditorium for this Easter.

Senior Pastor Stephen Baxter
Stephen Baxter

Our Senior Pastor, Stephen Baxter said, “It is sad that no one could view them over Easter, but we want to be part of caring for our community, through faith and general health, and right now that means helping people to remain isolated.

“Photos will have to do at the moment.

“We plan to leave them up until the restrictions are lifted, and look forward to viewing them in our church auditorium.”

The works were commissioned through Hobart Baptist Church’s artist-in-residency program, recognising that they value the creative arts and want to encourage faith to be expressed through creativity.

Artist-in-Residence Michael Henderson
Michael Henderson

Artist, Michael Henderson says, “The murals’ subject is Easter, but they are not a teaching tool. I am not telling a story from the past, but inviting wonder for a God that continues to generate new things in our present moment.

“The left hand mural is called Compassion, with themes of hope in moments of darkness. The right hand one is called Renewal, about release and freedom.”


See the time-lapse video of the mural being set-up: