Recapturing Wonder, August 4 2019

Today’s Preacher: Michael Henderson

Enabled to Flourish

Finishing this week, the weekly sermon at Hobart Baptist Church has been a series outlining the basics of faith.

It focuses not around arguments, but will approaches it from an experience perspective.


  1. I consecrate my life again today, and bring it under your Lordship
  2. commit to Wonder and Faith: to Love you with all my heart; Follow you today; Let you empower me today. Help me step into forgiveness. Threshold moments (all day)
  3. Help me be aware of what you are doing today. Where are you active around me today? Help me to practice Contemplation and Action, practice Gratitude, with Friends, City, World.
  4. Be glorified in my life today: In my house, my family, my work, throughout my whole life.


Today’s Bible Reading: Zephaniah 3:17