The Cross that Unites, Good Friday, March 30, 2018

Today it is Good Friday and Stephen Baxter continues our sermon series to take us through Easter: The Cross that Unites

Regardless of our income, race, marital status, or skin colour, whether our life is coming together or falling apart, the story of Easter reminds us we are all equal before God. No matter who we are, the death and resurrection of Jesus reminds us that God loves each one of us with the same love that is unconditional, unending, total and complete.

Through this love, God has broken down every barrier in the way to unite us to himself. All we need to do is accept it. Then, as we stand together in God’s love, God joins us together. God’s love has the power to unite families, races, communities, countries, and the world. This Easter we reflect upon the Cross that Unites.