Catching the Vision, 8 Mar 2020

Preaching: Stephen Baxter, Joel Ortiz

Celebrating Diversity – Sanctuary Sunday

2020 marks a pivotal moment in the life of Hobart Baptist Church.

The upgrade of the buildings will be completed; we will be raising funds for the upgrade of the Tab; it will be our second year of engagement with Dark MoFo; and we prepare to celebrate the 180th anniversary of
Baptists in Hobart.

The church has a long, a proud engagement with, and ministry into, the city of Hobart. What is God calling us to in our next phase?

That is what this sermon series is about: Catching the Vision.

As a church our prayer is “to make Jesus Christ known by growing devoted witnesses for him.” We dream of a church “prophetically serving” the city of Hobart.

So, in this series we will explore what God has been revealing to us of how the Holy Spirit is moving across the city of Hobart and our response to it. We will focus on those areas where we are already responding and look forward to where we sense God is calling us in the near future.

Today’s Bible Reading: Revelation 7:9-11