Christmas in Winter, 19 July 2020

We’re celebrating in the middle of Winter to
recapture the spirit of Christmas!

Second Sunday in Advent

View the full service (approx 30 minutes) on YouTube, below.

Today’s Preacher: Joel Ortiz

Sermon Title: Jesus – One of Us

As Winter turns to Spring, and we emerge out of the isolated darkness of the COVID-19 restrictions, what a great way to anticipate the coming of light and warmth.

Today we celebrate of the birth of Jesus over 2000 years ago. He is Emmanuel – God is with us – especially at Christmas!

Celebrating in the middle of Winter means there are no end-of-year functions, no school musicals or graduations, and no last-minute gift shopping.

Today, we share the hope we have for the future. Let the light shine in our darkness and new growth will burst forth from your hibernation. Together we can share in joy of life.

Christmas Sermons

We are celebrating Advent in the two weeks leading up to Christmas, as we expectantly wait in preparation for the celebration of the Nativity.

July 12: First Sunday in Advent – Scott Ambrose, Hope in Dark Times
July 19: Second Sunday in Advent – Joel Ortiz (below)
July 26: Christmas Day – Stephen Baxter

Today’s Bible Readings: Hebrews 2: 10-18