Conversations with Jesus

Sermon Series: 3rd October to 5th December, 2021

Jesus met thousands of people.

He connected with some of them by a touch, a look or listening quietly. Of the hundreds of conversations over the three years of his ministry, we have about 40 recorded in the gospels. Some conversations are long, some little more than a sentence. Yet each gives a unique insight into the wisdom and heart of Jesus.


Oct 3Luke 7:36-50The Sex Worker WATCH >>Stephen Baxter
Oct 10John 3:1-21The Inquisitive Minister of Religion WATCH >>Stephen Baxter
Oct 17Matthew 15:21-28 The ‘dog’ of Canaan WATCH >>>Liam Conway
Oct 24Matthew 8:5-13 The Italian Army Officer WATCH >>>Stephen Baxter
Oct 31John 18:28-40The Roman Governor WATCH >>> Stephen Baxter
Nov 7Mark 10:17-27The Wealthy Businessman WATCH >>> Liam Conway
Nov 14Mark 5:21-34The Desperate Woman WATCH >>>Michael Henderson
Nov 21Luke 19:1-10The Despised Tax Collecter WATCH >>>Joel Ortiz
Nov 28Luke 23:32-43The Crucifixion Companion WATCH >>> Stephen Baxter
Dec 5John 2:1-10Mum Liam Conway
No two conversations are the same.

Jesus connected deeply with each person, sometimes before a word was spoken. His was no sales-pitch approach, carefully woven into every situation. No, Jesus met each person where they were at. One needed ‘living water’, another to be ‘born again’, another to ‘sell their possessions’ and so on. Each person received a word from Jesus according to their specific needs, questions and circumstance, and within the context of the existing frames of reference. He seldom pressed for a neat resolution or decision, preferring to sow seeds in hearts and minds allowing the thoughts to simmer and bear fruit in their own time.

In this series we will explore some of the unique conversations of Jesus.

Our aim is to let them speaks to us and so encounter Jesus in unique and fresh ways. From the vast variety of encounters found in the gospels, we can assume that no matter who we are, or how unable or undeserving we might feel, Jesus is willing, ready and wanting to have a conversation with us. We need to do nothing more than be who we are, and join in the conversation.

The outcome we are hoping for from this series is seeds sown in our hearts that will bear fruit in their own time.