To See Like Jesus, 16 February-17 April 2022

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Jesus’ vision for his church

When Jesus taught about the kingdom of God, he invited us to into a new way of seeing. Our vision series this year focuses on the life of Jesus exploring how we might see and live like Jesus did. 

“My kingdom is not of this world,” Jesus said to Pilate. Nevertheless Jesus was part of God’s plan to bring that kingdom to earth. That plan had a long history starting with Abraham, working out through people like Moses, David, the prophets and finally supremely in Jesus the Messiah, who in turn passed it on to his “body” the church. 

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Sermon Schedule

 WeekDateTextTitleHBC ValuePreacher
113-FebJohn 17:20-26Like JesusSeries Intro
Stephen Baxter
220-FebMatt 11:16-19Live Like JesusWe value life
 Stephen Baxter
327-FebLuke 2:41-52Learn like JesusWe value growing
 Michael Henderson
46-MarJohn 11:1-44Love like JesusWe value each other
 Matt Henderson
513-MarMatt 5:17-20Honour like JesusWe value our heritage
 Scott Ambrose
620-MarLuke 19: 37-44Weep like JesusWe value our city
 Stephen Baxter
727-MarMatt 6:5-15Hope like JesusWe value our future
 Stephen Baxter
83-AprLuke 23:26-34Forgive like JesusWe value grace
 Fiona Bradley
910-AprEphesians 4:11-16Vision for HBCVision Sunday
 Stephen Baxter
1015-AprDie Like JesusGOOD FRIDAYStephen Baxter
1117-AprPhilippians 2:5-11Rise like JesusStephen Baxter

Jesus taught his disciples to pray that “[God’s] kingdom come and [God’s] will be done on earth as in it is heaven.” Nearly 2000 years later, Jesus followers continue to pray it.

By doing so we acknowledge we are not the architects of God’s restorative work in this world. However, we also accept we are active participants in it. Jesus calls us to be with him in God’s kingdom project. Jesus’ kingdom vision should be the primarily influence in the forming of our hearts and minds that flows out in our faith and action. 

To envisage what it is to be church God wants us to be we need to return to learn again from Jesus of Nazareth who, “through the Spirit of holiness was appointed the Son of God in power” (Romans 1:4) and how he lived out the kingdom of God on earth, and ask the question, “Do I see the world as Jesus sees it?”

Each week we will use the template below as a tool to help us explore different aspects of the Bible reading to enable us to see how Jesus saw things and what it would mean for us to see things the same way.

WhoWhat did they see…What did they feel…What did they do…What did they believe
On lookers    
Jesus of Nazareth    
MeWhat do I seeWhat do I feelWhat do I doWhat do I believe