Living Hope, until 18th September

Living Hope sermon series

Changing Your Life for the Better

Jesus-followers are called to a Living Hope – hope that is alive and a hope that is lived.

This is a profound challenge, living when we live in a world that seems to be full of doom and gloom on a daily basis. What’s more, Jesus-followers in the West, including Hobart, have found themselves on the end of much criticism and hostility over the past few decades.

How can we live hopefully, amid such an avalanche of bad news and hostility?

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WHENBible ReferenceSPEAKERWATCH – Sermon with Q&A
10th July1 Peter 1:1-3Stephen BaxterWhy Hope Matters >
17th July1 Peter 1:1-25Matt HendersonThe Hope-Driven Life >
24th July1 Peter 2:4-17Scott AmbrosePeople of Hope – Living the Good Life >
31st July1 Peter 3:15-17Matt Henderson The Location of Hope >
7th Aug1 Peter 4:7-11Michael HendersonHope is Actionable >
14th Aug1 Peter 5:6-11Stephen BaxterHope for Anxious Hearts >
21st Aug2 Peter 1:1-21Sean Priest God’s Character >
28th Aug2 Peter 2:1-3Stephen BaxterWhen Hope is Crushed >
4th Sept2 Peter 3:3-4;10-11Matt HendersonLive Like There’s No Tomorrow >
11th Sept2 Peter 3:1-2Matt HendersonWhy Living Hope Matters >
18th Sept1 Peter 1:1-4Personal overviewsStories of Living Hope >

Love One Another

Although the apostle Peter comes across as a brash, passionate fisherman who speaks first and thinks later, the letters that bear his name clearly come from a wise and seasoned follower of Jesus who has endured much opposition and persecution.

His letters encourage fellow Jesus-followers to find inspiration and encouragement remembering how Jesus faithfully endured suffering and death, only to experience resurrection and glory. He urges them to repay evil with goodness, to love one another, and safeguard their reputation as good citizens of high integrity and virtue. In doing so, he suggests they remove all doubt of the injustice of their sufferings.

Peter’s 2nd Letter

In his second letter, Peter focuses in on the second coming of Christ, attributing its apparent delay to God’s patience giving time for people to come accept the truth found in Jesus. He warns against false teachers, encouraging them to stay strong in the face of persecution.

Taking a chapter at a time, we will work our way through Peter’s two letters allowing them to courage us to exercise a living hope amid a hostile world.