Luminous 2023 Sermons

Sundays 4th to 25th June 2023

For us here in Hobart, celebrating in mid-winter feels somewhat strange and out of place. However, the Luminous Festival encourages us to do just that.

During this series we will explore what the Luminous Festival is all about, and why HBC does it, now for the third year running.
As well there is the opportunity to celebrate Christmas in Winter!


10am Sunday 4th June, INTRO TO LUMINOUS

Lighten up and Live!

  • Preaching: Stephen Baxter
  • Bible Rading: John 1:1-14
  • Sermon and Q&A with Scott Ambrose

10am Sunday 11th June, ADVENT 1

A Beginning Without an End in Sight

10am Sunday 18th June, ADVENT 2

A Kingdom Where Everyone Matters

Luminous Christmas in winter

6pm Friday 23rd June, LUMINOUS CAROLS

  • Guest artists: Brett Budgeon and others
  • Free family-friendly event
  • Food: Hot drink and Christmas treats afterwards

10am Sunday 25th June, CHRISTMAS DAY

Unwrapping the Christmas Gift


Although Christmas is principally a winter festival, the first Europeans to settle in the Southern hemisphere kept the date, rather than the season. We’ve become so used to outdoor Christmas barbeques, that singing carols about snow and sleigh bells in broad daylight doesn’t seem strange!

But there is something about Christmas that should leave us feeling somewhat strange. That the Creator of the cosmos would come as a fragile, helpless baby is not only unexpected, but inescapably perplexing. But so begins the life of Jesus – born in a manger and destined for execution on a Roman cross. For the ruling elites of his day, Jesus was strange and totally out of place.

In many ways it is good that Christmas feels so out of place, because it needs to jolt us out of our familiarity and complacency. Just like Jesus did.