The Lord’s Prayer

On Sunday 26th February, Stephen Baxter encouraged those at the 10am service with some special thoughts about Jesus teaching the disciples to pray. It was an inspiring message. You can watch it here >

DAVID KNOX, took the sermon to heart, incredibly impacted by what he heard.

Within a week he had written his own paraphrase of the prayer, and requested praying it during the service the following Sunday.

Nice one David!

See the words of the prayer below the video

The Lord’s Prayer

Jesus, teach us to pray

Hello Dad, I’m so glad that You’re my Father who knows me, loves me, and wants to guide me;

I draw my entire life and being from You; every breath, and every heartbeat — I belong to You!  Thank you — because You are my Dad!

And yet, in an awesome way that I can’t possibly understand, You’re the Creator and Sustainer of this vast universe.

How those two facts can coexist is totally beyond me, but I dare to accept them as eternal truths, axioms of my life!

May Your way of being and doing things come and stem the tide of evil on this planet, and especially be evident in me and through me.

Please give me everything I need to survive each day as Your person, and to be like Jesus in the world: food, rest, sleep, friends, support, love, and guidance . . .

And stop me from going off-mission and veering into doing things my own way, in my own strength!  Please keep me on-course for You, whatever it takes!

Please come and fill me to live for You — my Dad, and Father!

(Based on Luke 11:2 – 4)