Church Family News, March 2023

Hobart Baptist Church, Sunday 19 March

The Great Roadtrip

WELCOME to Harmony Day Celebrations at Hobart Baptist Church. The 10am service will be a wonderful celebration of the diversity we are blessed with at HBC.

There will be contributions from different cultures and in many languages. The Lord’s Supper will be shared, demonstrating the unity we have in Jesus.
Yvette Ambrose will be baptised and Stephen Baxter will bring the next message on The Great Road Trip.

Can’t make it? Watch LIVE on YouTube at 10.00am Sunday

We have a Q&A session with the speaker each Sunday after the sermon.
To join, text your question to 0491 070 718.

SERMON: The Great Road Trip – “Parable of the Lost Sheep”

BIBLE READING: Luke 15:1-7

WATCH: LIVE on YouTube at 10.00am Sunday

Children and youth will stay in the service.

You are welcome to a time of fellowship over morning tea after the service followed by a BYO lunch.

THE LORD’S PRAYER as written by David Knox following Stephen’s recent message “Lord, teach us how to pray” on 26 February can be found here>>>. You are encouraged to click the link and take a look.



THE MONTH OF MARCH Operation Christmas Child – Collecting school supplies. See details below.

SUNDAY 19 March 10am Service. Harmony Sunday and Sanctuary Sunday. Baptismal service. Communion Service.

SUNDAY 26 March 10am Service. Followed by a Church Members’ Meeting including a presentation of HBC’s 138th Annual Report. ALL WELCOME

FRIDAY 7 April 9.30am. Good Friday Service

SUNDAY 9 April 10am. Easter Sunday Service


Sanctuary Sunday March 2023

Today’s 10am Service at Hobart Baptist Church will be a celebration of the richness and diversity we have within our own community. Sanctuary Sunday – a day we bring as many of our different communities together for worship and encouragement.

It will be a special day in so many ways, with many cultures represented:- Karen, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, Annuak, Indonesian, Malaysian, Indian, a few European and Aussie of course! It will include singing, worship dancing and much more.

A special addition to the day will be a Baptismal Service and all will be followed by a Special Morning Tea.

You are encouraged to:-

  • Wear National Costume if you have one,
  • Stay afterwards for fellowship over Morning Tea, and
  • Bring a plate of finger food to share (savoury or sweet) from your culture.
Harmony Day

Harmony Week 2023 (Monday 20 March – Sunday 26 March), is an opportunity for the whole community to recognise, acknowledge and celebrate the diversity that brings Australians, from all different backgrounds, together. It is about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. Harmony Day this year is Tuesday 21 March.

Harmony Day 2022

Fire Damage to Building

Damage to Church Building.

We are all sad to see the damage to our beloved building caused by a fire early this week, and look forward to the repair being completed.

Be assured that this will not affect our worship but ask that everyone takes care and please let us know if you see broken glass or any others hazards. For safety, the window has been boarded up, the mess outside cleaned up and the inside of the church thoroughly vacuumed. Thank you to those involved with that.

The Insurance assessor has been and is keen for the clean up of the sandstone and the repair to the window to be completed as soon as possible, using tradespeople with Heritage experience.

It is a tough one, but as in all cases, let’s ask ourselves – “What would Jesus do?”

The Great Road Trip sermon series

As we move out of the holidays, and into 2023 proper, we want to build on our theme of welcome as we continue to work through Luke’s gospel and follow Jesus on The Great Road Trip.

As the time approached for him to be taken up to heaven, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem. Luke 9:51

The next ten chapters of Luke’s gospel document the events of Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem. These chapters are filled with momentous events and revolutionary teaching as Jesus and his followers make their way to the city. 

To read more, visit The Great Road Trip sermon series page.


A Church Members’ Meeting will be held NEXT Sunday 26 March following the 10am service.

Annual Report Cover

The 138th Annual Report for HBC will be presented at this meeting. Other agenda items include, an application for Church Membership by Rebecca Joy Mallipudi, a summary of last year’s National Church Life Survey and a proposal from CityNetworks for the management of HBC’s building spaces including the coffee shop space.

For more details including agenda items go to the HBC Members and Others Page here>>>.
ALL WELCOME, I hope you can come.


Crossover Easter Offering

Crossover is a national Baptist ministry that creates and curates resources to help Australian Baptists share Jesus with their friends and neighbourhoods. It runs entirely on the donations from people like us – so let’s support generously as we are able.

As usual, our Good Friday offering will go directly to Crossover. Or you can give directly now at to donate today, If you are giving online, please use the code HOBART when you are asked for your church name and they will know it is from one of us.

Square Reader

Offerings Update

Budget per week                    $2,290
February per week                  $1,827
Shortfall to date                      $10,631

G Clarke


Hobart Baptist Church are again supporting Operation Christmas Child in 2023.  In March, we will be collecting Something for School:

  • 9×7 exercise books (larger books will not fit in the boxes)
  • 15cm rulers (30cm rulers will not fit in the boxes)
  • pencil cases
  • pencils
  • colouring pencils
  • pens
  • sharpeners
  • erasers
  • chalk
  • library bag

If you prefer to give a financial donation instead of shopping for items that’s great! We need money to cover the sending costs of $10/box.

For further information please speak to Celia or Kylie. THANK YOU for your generosity!

Update on HBC Sound System.

Sound Desk

No doubt you will have noticed that we have been experiencing some challenges with our technical equipment in recent weeks, most noticeably with the sound both in the Tab and online.

The improvement achieved with the introduction of new microphones was short lived because the sound desk began behaving badly and was taken in for repair.

Unfortunately obtaining a repairer for the sound desk is proving exceptionally difficult. The smaller input/output box is, however, repaired. Thank you for your feedback and continued patience as we work to serve you better.

GIVING – Your tithes and offerings

‘Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.’
2 Corinthians 9:7

We thank all who give faithfully on a regular basis, as without this support we would not be able to operate. Your offerings support our budget: and through that it enables the church to continue to be an important part of the North Hobart landscape and the place from where we can prophetically serve the City of Hobart.

It is where we can know the benefit of worshipping with others, where we hear the stories of Jesus and how they apply to us, where we are encouraged in our journey with Jesus, from where we can share God’s love with others and help them to know and trust in God themselves. Our influence can also be far reaching – there is no limit to God’s love through our deeds and actions. Thank you for your generosity.

EFT is a great way to ensure regular giving and as well there are offering boxes available for use as you leave the Sanctuary.

You can give online here